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Travis Gilbert - Owner DJ/Entertainment Director

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"The Fonix Mission is to truly Listen to Your Entertainment Needs while providing Educated Advice to bring your Party Vision to Fruition with Flawless Execution!"

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Fonix Entertainment began with one very successful entertainer, Travis Gilbert.  Travis is one of the most well known and respected DJ’s in the Southeast.  Hundreds of raving reviews have shined through his events since he stepped out in front of an audience back in 1998 on WRAS 88.5 Album 88. Eventually performing mobile events and weddings in 2004 after touring, over 1,500 performances have occured to date! He has a vibrant, fun, and energetic personality with special attention to detail. His motto of success – “my obsession to the perfect event is my client’s biggest benefit.”  He is not afraid to step out of the boundaries of being just a DJ and will help in all aspects of the wedding; from ensuring the Bridal Party knows where to stand on the dance floor after being announced, to ensuring the catering group has the champagne poured for the toast. 

Travis was awarded the 2010 Bride’s Choice Award as one of the Best Wedding DJ’s in the Atlanta area with several wedding planners only recommending him as their Bride’s DJ.  The passion he has for giving his wedding clients their perfect Big Day shows with his Bride & Groom consultations, and his contributing publications in Atlanta Occasions Magazine, which focus on DJ selection and what to ask a DJ before signing a contract.  Travis is considered to be a chameleon by listening to what his clients envision as a wonderful DJ and delivering exactly what his clients want! With so much success, Travis came to the realization that clients truly trusted his judgment to supply top notch entertainment.  Travis hand selects all of his DJ's and puts them through a rigorous training period to ensure clients of Fonix Entertainment get exactly what their looking for and more.  Travis is hired by many competing DJ companies as a trainer and consultant for their DJ's.  Why take a chance with hiring a poor performing DJ when you can call the source of successful DJ's!

Continue below for the full story of how Travis began as a DJ and why the name Fonix Entertainment!


This is only a partial list of our current booked events. The Fonix Team is familiar with almost every established venue in the Metro Atlanta Area & Beyond! Is your date booked? No worries! This calendar does not reflect our availability as it is tailored to preview our experience.

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Travis began his DJ career while attending college at Georgia State where he graduated Cum Laude and top of his class with a BS in Urban Policy Studies. Specializing in Urban Planning and Economic Development, Travis completed his studies at the prestigious Andrew Young School of Policy Studies.  Starting off as a radio Disc Jockey on WRAS 88.5 A.K.A. Album 88, Travis had the exclusive opportunity to mix with renowned DJ’s Christopher Lawrence, Paul Van Dyke, and Mix Master Mike to name a few.  Travis assisted in hosting the biggest college dance radio show in the nation, Planet 8.  Travis took on his first major resident DJ position at The Masquerade where he trained world renowned female DJ Keri how to mix.  As a club DJ, Travis soon realized he had an ability to host and perform all kinds of events. 

The next chapter in Travis’ life began by working with several mobile entertainment groups by performing a variety of event types from movie nights, to birthday parties, to rocking college parties.  Travis became known as “the pool party king” with his uncanny ability to interact with the crowd with games, announcements, and making guests laugh.  Travis is known as an interactive activator DJ.  He reads the crowd and responds to what the people want to hear! 

As the page turns, Travis took on a more challenging event…weddings.  Travis’ reputation allowed him the opportunity to be trained by some of the best in the industry.  A year into performing weddings Travis became a well respected Wedding DJ; not just a DJ behind the table, but a DJ that interacts with the crowd, vendors, and the facility to ensure his clients have a flawless wedding. 

Today, Travis is continuing his quest to entertain guests by starting FONIX ENTERTAINMENT, a company performing weddings, networking mixers, and everything in-between.  Travis has also taken on the challenge to train young aspiring DJ’s on how to be successful entertainers. Travis has an eye for recognizing the “cream of the crop” talent and only selects DJ’s who are motivated, knowledgeable about music, experienced in performing a wide variety of events, and not afraid to get out and “work” a crowd. Acting as DJ Fonix, Travis continues to rip up the clubs with several promotion groups and tearing down the VIP Party Scene from Atlanta to South Beach. From a college radio DJ to an amazing entertainer, Travis has played all genres of music without missing a beat.  There is a synergy between the mic, the mixer, and the man: Travis!


Back in the day, Travis went to tons of parties in college.  Early on, Travis didn’t come up with an overzealous DJ name.  Travis was known for his college radio show and spinning the tunes.  Simply put, Travis was the "music guy" at many parties.  After a wild night on the town, Travis went to a friend’s after party and planted himself on a couch.  Needless to say, Travis was not moving from the couch and his buddy hosting the party lost the remote to the TV.  Travis began to watch Hooked on Phonics.  Not by choice, but by the mere fact he was not moving from the couch!  Hours later, the party is dying down and the sun began to pear over the horizon.  Travis was still on the couch and Hooked on Phonics was still on the TV.  People began joking about Travis still being on the couch and referring to him as "DJ Phonics."  The next day, Travis could not get away from being called "DJ "Phonics" by everyone who attended the party.  Many of Travis' friends would say they were "Hooked on Phonics" when he would DJ on the radio or in a nightclub after this legendary after party.  Travis began to realize this name was set in stone around the school.  Instead of fighting it, Travis embraced it.  With a few edits of the spelling to add some style and avoid copyright infringement, Travis named himself "DJ Fonix" and kept the slogan "Huct on Fonix."  Travis has come a long way from those college days, but nothing will change his symbolic name.