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High End Production Style Lighting with YourDesign in mind...

At Fonix, we strive to visually stimulate your guests with special lighting effects and a clean setup to ensure your venue not only looks great when guests arrive but also looks great in the pictures where every detail is shown.  At the heart of our company is a true passion to design and perform as most of our team consists of career minded entertainers and technicians with a plethora of knowledge in event setup, design, and execution.  Without even knowing it, we are all conscious of design and incorporating our lighting to match your theme or to enhance a bland room.  Below we have listed our popular lighting services and fixtures.

  • Lighting Design & Production - Tell us Your Vision, we'll help you with the Decision!  
  • Up Lighting LED - Beam Light up to 40 feet with shields to hide the light!
  • Lighting Trees, Stands, & the popular Light Towers!
  • Scrim Lighting for Table, Furniture, & Speaker covering!
  • Intelligent Dance Lighting, Stage Lighting & Decor Lighting!
  • LED Moving Head Lights - Washes & Visuals!
  • LED Battery Charged Event Pods to light any area!
  • LED Color Washers, Rails & Panels eye candy!
  • Vintage Free Standing Marquee Lights! Perfect with Cafe/Bistro Lighting!
  • A/V Equipment including Flat Screens & Projectors!
  • Monogram/Gobo Design & Lighting!
  • Classic Party Lights- Disco Ball Revolution, Strobes, Black Lights, Pinspots, Vertigos.
  • Fat Beam Web Laser with sky effects!
  • Arch and Vertical Trussing!
  • Incandesent & Carbon Filament Lighting Decor - Vintage & Steampunk style.
  • Custom Finished Vegetable Crate Lighting - See it to believe it!
  • Photography Lighting & Decor!
  • Lighting Designer Services - This is where we excel with our passion for Lighting!
  • Custom Packages & Individual Lighting Fixtures available upon request and review of event.


Up Lighting!  The #1 Enhancements our Clients & Planners Love!

Fonix has been well recognized by many Venues and Wedding Planners for our amazing RGBA 48 watt LED bright up lights and our design skills in setting up the up lights in the best possible color configuration.  And we will work with your florist or event management team to incorporate our lights to shine on the best features of the room!  Our up lights are the latest editions in unique up lighting including pixel mapping, remote control, no fan noise, higher contrast & saturation in colors including Amber and boy oh buy are they fun to watch!  These powerful LED lights will add a cool effect to the room and they can change colors or act as dance lights!  Our up lights will produce a broad spectrum of pastels with natural-looking temperatures and impressive saturation.  Your guest will be sure to say "WOW" when they walk into your Reception Hall! 

To ensure we have accurately assessed your lighting needs, our packages may have variations in cost due to customization and setup configuration which may require additional setup time and labor.  As a general rule, most lighting companies will price their higher end lights (like the ones we use) for $30 per light with a potential setup fee and package sizes are typically sold in bulk quantities of 4 (4, 8, 12, 16, etc).  The benefit of our remote controlled lights means less wires to be run from light to light saving you money on setup and ensuring your Reception Hall doesn't have a ton of wires going everywhere!  Give us a call to create a package that works for you!

Dance Lighting Stand!  This is an inexpensive addition to light the dance floor from up above or as some would say aerial dance lighting.  A 12 to 15 foot light stand will take a large LED dance light to shine on your guests dancing and busting moves on dance floor!  This is also a great addition to add lighting for your first dance as we can make the dance light shine one color (one of your wedding colors of choice) earlier in the night! 

We can convert the light bar with a click of a button to flash different colors and pattern designs for later in the night!  And its sound activated!  This will also enhance the dancing as this will easily make folks see from a distance where the dancing is happening!  We highly recommend this if your friends are big dancers!

The Light Tower! The super bright big brother of our Dance Lighting Stand!  A 12 to 15 foot light stand with a white scrim cover will take (4) RGB 36w LED PixPar High Powered Lights to shine down on your guests dancing and busting moves!  Or in laments terms, this light tower will rock your party!  Each light can be positioned in a different angle to highlight individual areas or to create a sky of color.  This is also a great addition to add lighting for presentations as we can make the dance light shine white without blinding your guests or speaker! 

These wash style lights are perfect for large rooms while providing visual stimulation with amazing lighting programs!  And its sound activated or DMX run for an additional charge!  This will also enhance the dancing as this will easily make folks see from a distance where the dancing is happening!  We highly recommend this if your friends are big dancers or for big areas!

Flat Screens on Stand or Trussing!  Showing a slide show or video?  We can bring out a 40" LCD 1080p Flat Screen and place atop a 10 foot high light stand dressed with a lighted scrim (your color of choice)!  By far, this screen and stand makes a cool impact on your Event as it can act as a TV for viewing and glowing effects from the scrim for mood lighting!  Can't picture it?  Ask for us to send you a picture so you can see the full effect!  And we will hook up your A/V source whether it’s a DVD or playing from a computer!  Shorter stand available without scrim for a lower viewing level and flat screen can be place on a table if preferred.  Laptop/Projector stand available upon request free of charge.  Looking for 2 Flat Screens instead of 1?  We have that too in a different package on 2 black tripod stands with adjustable height and a HD splitter to ensure the best quality!  Please note for the 2 screen package, the source (your laptop, DVD player, etc) must have an HDMI output.  DVD player available for additional cost.  And 9 times out of 10 were way cheaper than the venues’ charge!

  • Intelligent Dance Lighting Upgrade! If you like lighting, then this is for you!  Includes two high end moving head lights (just like what you see in Atlanta's most popular high end dance clubs), an enhanced dance lighting stand with a white scrim and four PixPar interactive lights attached to a cross bar, and two high powered up lights that make for a great back drop to the dancing area matched to your wedding colors!  That's a total of 6 dance programmed lights in addition to our standard dance lighting kit included in the DJ package!  Our DJ's have chosen this package as their favorite add on!  Limited availability so be sure to ask for it before its sold out!
  • Ultimate Lighting Upgrade! 10 foot arch trussing lit up with two LED base up lights, 42' overhead hung flat screen TV playing your video or slide show, Intelligent dance lighting with two LED wash moving heads, light up fabric scrims, and recently added 8 up lights matched to your color!  This is the package everyone wants as seen at the PWG Bridal Show!  Also allows for customization to add more moving heads and light tech.
  • Monogram/Gobo Light!  You've seen it at tons of events and weddings, a message or initials on a wall.  We can provide you with a specially designed gobo with your message or initials on a wall with a high powered light!  Specialize your message with your own font and decoration or enhance your gobo with color and intricate designs by upgrading to a glass lithograph for one amazing image!  Our Monogram Package includes the gobo, source 4 projector light, light tree/pipe & base, and setup! The gobo is yours to keep after the event!  Ask for details!
  • Screen & Projector!  Showing a slide show of your memorable photos or a video of you and your fiance?  We can bring out a high lumens projector, 6' X 9'  tripod screen, and help you with the setup whether it’s a DVD or playing from a computer!  Flat Screen options available upon request.   Laptop/Projector stand available upon request free of charge.  And 9 times out of 10 were way cheaper than the venues’ charge!
  • Send us an inquiry for a complete listing of our Lighting Elements and Designs! Lets Light Up Your Night!